Advice For Girl Scout Cookie Sales (anyone Can Answer)?

Hey, I’m a middle schooler and I’m a Girl Scout. We have been doing cookie booths at local grocery stores and haven’t been having as much luck as past years, and its especially hard to sell for older girls compared to daisies (theyre so cute, who coul help but buy cookies from them?) We only have a couple more weeks to get to of a lot of cookies. :O
As the person buying the cookies, do you have any advice for me to get more people to buy them? Anything that we shouldn’t do? Any suggestions would help, just please nothing rude or hateful.
Thank you!

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4 Responses to “Advice For Girl Scout Cookie Sales (anyone Can Answer)?”

  1. Dustin says:

    I would suggest that you advertise more. Such as posters, signs, etc. And maybe do things to catch peoples eyes. Like why buy your cookies? What makes your difference from the others? Just be creative and make sure you have fun while doing it!

  2. Mavisthe says:

    I used to be a girl scout, and when I grew up, I bought the cookies for years to support the scouts. I don’t any more, because the prices are higher than most cookies, the quality is about the same – it’s not a competitive product. You could say it’s for a good cause, and it is, except that most of the money doesn’t ever get to the scouts. Most of the money goes to the cookie manufacturers and the scouting administrators, not the scouting. That doesn’t help you sell more cookies, but it will help you understand why sales are down.
    So, what can you do to improve your sales? The main thing would be to sell them in other places. Your parents probably already take cookie orders at work, but if not, that’s one thing to do. Can you set up a booth at high school or college basketball or hockey games? Can you sell them at retirement communities? Flea markets or farmers’ markets?

  3. sha_lyn6 says:

    Make certain tat your booth sales are registered online so that customers can locate you with the cookie finder.
    Find out if you service unit or council has cookie costumes. I am an advisor for a cadette and senior troop. Tonight we had 2 girls in cookie costumes doing the chicken dance, and at one point we had the 7 yr old brother of 2 of our girls in a costume too. At one point the girls were taking a break and customer came out of the grocery store asking whey they stopped dancing.

  4. David says:

    One basic suggestion: Ask them to buy, ask which flavor (not “do you want to buy some?”)

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