Advice in Cleaning Wool Rugs

Carpets are good investments. This is because it is not simply an accent to your home. Carpets are also durable and you can last a lifetime. However, you should also pay attention and grooming.

Cleaning carpets is not really that difficult, because the size is usually manageable. However, there are some instances when the cleaning of carpets also can be a challenge. One is when a wool carpet. Wool rugs are usually heavy and difficult to maneuver in for a cleaning. In addition to the bigger problems if you can not clean properly. It is likely that a woolen carpets stench would produce if it is not completely clean and dry.

So what is the correct procedure when cleaning wool carpets? The following are some tips:

Regular cleaning

It is best to clean your carpet regularly to the dirt of the institution in order to prevent the dust. You can simply bring your carpet out and dust it off. You can also run a vacuum once in a while. But make sure you do not just clean the surface, but try to also run the cleaner underneath. There are also a lot of dust and dirt collected in that part of the carpet.

Deep cleansing

Apart from the regular dusting out, your carpet is also good deep cleaning once in a while. A good way to deeply clean the carpet by means of steam. You can count on a professional to do this or you can also choose to rent a steam cleaner. But if you want to do it yourself, you can also do this by simply using a good detergent. But make sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent odors.

Stain Removal

When your carpet is stained, it is important to address the problem immediately. Use a piece of cloth or papa to absorb spills. You could use a cleaning agent. Apply it gently into the stain with a cloth and rinse the same way.


Carpets made of wool are usually more expensive. So you really have to make sure to make sure that you do not put to waste its price. One important thing to note is that woolen carpets are sensitive to the scrubbing and other similar gestures. It would usually cause damage to the tissue. So try to avoid scrubbing it as much as possible. Also, try to marks of the substances in the cleaning of products which should be avoided. This can be either the substance or the color of the carpet so you have to be careful damaged.

Source by John Sellaney

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