advice on dealing with pre-interview nerves?

i have a job interview in a few hours and am naturally a nervous person. i’ve worked at the place before for a year but stopped because i went to uni and then had a period of illness.

any advice on dealing with nerves? i’m 19

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2 Responses to “advice on dealing with pre-interview nerves?”

  1. Joseph says:

    Dealing with interview is very easy.What you need to do is to equip yourself with modern interview techniques that will make you excel above others.Prepare for it now. Learn how to write out your job interview answers in advance. Most job candidates do not follow this good advice, believing they already know how best to present their credentials. Don’t make that mistake. Organize your answers in advance, put them in perspective of how your skills and know-how best fit the job for which you are interviewing. By organizing these simple tasks to prepare for your job interview, you will greatly increase your odds of getting hired.

  2. Paul says:

    Dont do drugs or alcohol last thing is we want is you getting fired,
    I know what, Quickly go take a spa and than go there without thinking bout it and turn up your radio on full blast so you wont think bout it. and what job?! LOL

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