Advise Needed!! Situation With The Ex.?

Saw my ex today, still missing her after 2 years 🙁
Hi all i havent been on here for a while as i have been getting by just..
Its been 2 years now since my ex left tobe with someone else. I saw her today at a sale and it brought it all back and il be honest i still really miss her…
She emailed me a few days ago on facebook but i chose not to respond as in the past i have messaged her and got little or no response. I was trying to disapper so chose not to message her back. should i??
I didnt speak to her at the sale i just wondered about with my mate paying little notice to her. But i could see her checking me out as i walked past with my head heald high and chest pumped up haha..
i would still do anything to get this girl back and no i havent really moved on.. but there is little i can do as she is still with this other guy and im sure he has now moved in with her durring the week ect..
rather gutting but i really dont know how i should play it??
I have been in wishy washey contact over this time (2 years) proberly why i haavent moved on and realised it was never getting anywhere so was going to go no contact and try to forget..
But however busy or involved in other things i still think of her sooooo much
Im really at a loose end and running out of hope rapidly.
Does anyone have any tips or tricks how i can get my girl back???
many thanks.

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2 Responses to “Advise Needed!! Situation With The Ex.?”

  1. sin says:

    TWO YEARS?! move on. find a new girlfriend, find some one to fool around with, find a hobby, anything but try and get back with this girl. MOVE ON its time.

  2. Bp says:

    Yes it is hard. The best way to get over him is by moving on to someone else who is better. Just keep looking and don’t let people get you down.

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