Affiliate Programs With Coupon Codes?

I need to know some sites that offer coupon codes affiliate, so that means I create or get a promo code, the buyer get’s a discount and I get a few dollars. So I will make per commission. If the product is valued $40 and he buys it with the referral link at $40 I can get $30. But if I use a promo code I’ll an item worth $40 will cost, for example $30, $35 or $25 dollars and I get $5-$10 dollars. I’ll be happy with it and they can just write it down except to search for my link again or to go directly to the site after the cookie has expired or he cleaned the computer from cookies. I look for something like books or software, everything that people want.

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One Response to “Affiliate Programs With Coupon Codes?”

  1. CCBerrie says:

    It would depend on the affiliate network (such as shareasale) that you are signed up for. Your percentage of the sale is never going to be that large, more likely you’ll get 10%
    Each of the merchants has it’s own rules, some allow coupon affiliates, some don’t, you need to read and follow those rules or you can get kicked out of the network.
    A merchant will never let you create your own coupon code, if you want to create your own code you are on the wrong side of the business: become a merchant and you can create as many money loosing deals as you want.
    You get paid a percentage of the final sale (generally not including shipping), so the bigger the coupon the less the commission because you’ve reduced the final sale amount.
    Many merchants have stopped dealing with coupon affiliates, as they can end up paying to bring the traffic to thier site and then the customer opens a new window looking for a coupon, others have rules about customer posted coupons (that may be exclusive to another site or meant for return customers..)

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