Affordable Las Vegas Hotels In June 2013?

Anyone know any affordable but NICE hotel rooms on the las vegas strip. It will be me and 2 other people, 5 nights for June 20-25. Prices under $600.
Or any discount codes for the hotels listed.
Pros and Cons as well?

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  1. desertgi says:

    Did you mean under $600 per night? Because that’s easy. If you mean total than you will have to look at budget hotels like the Flamingo, Bally’s, Imperial Palace, etc. You may also be able to get a descent room at Paris for about $115 per night. For discounts look at vegas 4 locals or smarter vegas

  2. Melissa says:

    You usually find the best rates by booking directly with the hotels these days. That provides you with more flexibility should you have to cancel or change your reservation.
    Is that $600 total? So about $120 a night? You’ll want to look at the more moderate resorts if so. Since there are 3 of you, the prices will be a bit higher than the standard rate, which is for 1-2 people.
    I’d look at the following hotels:
    *Flamingo – older, but recently renovated, and in a great center-strip location, putting you near several hot spots and lots of things to see and do. There are no resort fees here, which can add as much as $30 to your nightly rate (they are not part of the rate quoted to you, and they are charged after you check in). The pool area is great as well. It tends to attract a bit of an older crowd, but not entirely.
    *NYNY – fun, young crowd; very cool casino floor area; decent location; fun bars (Coyote Ugly and Bar at Times Square); the rooms here can be a little on the small side
    *MGM – huge resort, which can be good or bad depending on what you want; lots of options for eating and entertainment in and around MGM; great pool area
    *Planet Hollywood – fun party hotel; good location; fun clubs; no resort fees; the pool area is just okay though.
    *Treasure Island – pretty good location, fun atmosphere and generally young crowd; rooms nothing special; pool is decent

  3. SumDude says:

    (relatively) inexpensive [ = decent, which is all I require ] are Hooters, Excalibur, and Circus Circus, among others.

  4. Erving says:

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  5. bananano says:

    Look at Excalibur or NYNY

  6. A Yahoo! user jerry s says:

    imperial palace, flamingo, harrahs, and riveria.

  7. Rowan says:

    I assume you mean under 600 for the entire stay, otherwise you would not ask about ‘affordable’ LOL. Harrah’s and Luxor are amongst the nicest in their price range. Excalibur is cheaper but it’s also less nice, and Imperial Palace is to be avoided still, although it’s really cheap and in a good location. Bally’s is in a fantastic mid Strip location but some of its rooms, although huge, are not nice (I still have memories of those hard beds LOL). smartervegas and i4vegas are good for deals (i4vegas and have good hotel deals, but you need to keep checking)

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