Airsplat Army – Colorado?

This is more or less a question, probably leaning on the less side.
For starters, this is Airsoft. I recently established an Airsoft Division within the Colorado region, under Airsplat’s (An airsoft gun manufacturer and seller) new promotion, Airsplat Army. Anywho, seeing as it’s newly established, we need members. Most of the construction phase is complete, and now begins the Recruitment.
This is more of a Do-you-want-to-join-question rather than a i-have-a-life-problem-help-me-question.
You can check out the Airsplat Army website, which i’ll provide the link, but for now, here’s some basics. It’s good to be a specialist within an AA Divison, because of many benefits. As per simple regulations, I am the Captain of the Division, and everyone else is entitled “Specialist”. In this division, assuming it’s approved by AirsplatBoss (Who is the “General” or Chief of Operations for the AA) will have a more in-depth ranking system. Let it be noted this is a facebook group, but will not only be for facebook. This is a REAL group that will do REAL things, not just talk. Once completely established, I can say for now we will engage in quite a few Airsoft events.
So long story short, if you live within Colorado, preferably near Denver (Within 20-30 miles of it in any direction), and you want to have a much more interactive and interesting airsoft combat experience, you should join. No age requirement, although being a Teenager+ will be preferred.
As a little incentive to join the AA, Airsplat gives many benefits as stated before, like huge discounts, and other additions like free shipping or whatnot, and so on. With their operations (Currently on #3), you can win very nice gear and weapons. Once you have 5+ members, not including the Captain and AirsplatBoss, they sent you a care package of gear for the entire team. So yeah. Join.
I’ll give you all the links for the group, the airsplat homepage, the aa site, and what the rewards are. (To actually be in the Division, you must join here)

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