Algebra 2a, 10 Points For Correct Answer!?

At the city museum, child admission is $5.20 and adult admission is $8.80. On Saturday, 119 tickets were sold for a total sales of $860.00 . How many adult tickets were sold that day?

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  1. JOS J says:

    adult tickets 67
    child tickets 52

  2. Paul dfdsfdsfdsfc says:

    5.2x + 8.8y = 860
    x + y = 119
    Using Cramer’s rule we get x = 52 and y = 67, therefore 67 adult tickets were sold.

  3. Rebecca says:

    If all the tickets were children tickets, then the profit would be 119×5.2= $618.80
    That is obviously not enough.
    860 – 618.8 = 241.2
    So we need to make 241.2 more than we are right now.
    8.80 – 5.20 = 3.6
    So for each adult ticket, you get 3.60 more than you would get from a child ticket.
    So divide the needed money by 3.6
    So there were 67 adult tickets.
    Hope that makes sense!

  4. Vinh Ta says:

    Let X be the number of child tickets sold.
    Let Y be the number of adult tickets sold
    You know that 119 tickets were sold, so the number of child tickets + the number of adult tickets must be equal to 119.
    Therefore X + Y = 119
    And you know $860.00 were made.
    So the money made from the amount of child tickets( $5.20 x X) + the money made from adult tickets ($8.80 x Y) must be equal to $860.00
    So you have these too equations
    X+Y = 119
    and 5.2X + 8.8Y = 860
    You then can use simultaneous equations to solve them

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