Algebra/geometry Questions?

1. A bicycle is on sale for $189.50. The sales tax rate is 5%. What is the total price?
2. Rosa and her friends are eating out for dinner. The bill was $45.80. They want to leave a 20% tip. How much should they leave for tip?
3. Rick bought 3 shirts for $18 each, 2 pair of socks for $3.99 a pair, and a pair of slacks for $45.00. The sales tax rate is 8.5%. How much did he pay?
4. The rodriguez family went to dinner at pasta palace. Mr. Rodriguez ordered a meal for $6.25. Mrs. R ordered a meal for $7.50. The children ordered individual pizzas for $4.99 each. The sales tax rate was 7.25% rate and they left a 15% tip. How much was the total bill.
5. Megan bought 50 beads for $9.95. She received a 10% discount, and she paid a sales tax of 6%. How much did she pay for the beads.
6. Eric bought a canoe for $333.75. The sales tax 5.25%. What was his total cost.
7. Shinya went to the salon. The cost of her haircut was $16.00. He tipped the barber 15%. What was the total cost.
8. A snowmobile priced at $2,800 is on sale for 20% off. The sales tax rate is 8.25%. What is the sale price including tax.
9. Lisa’s store collects 5% sales tax on every item sold. If she collected $22.00 in sales tax, what was the cost of the items her store sold?

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