All This Talk About Weapons And Bans Is Causing A Problem?

Why do people need to drone on about the matter causing huge spikes in gun sales maybe we should put restrictions on the first amendment to prevent undo spikes in gun sales. Please libs why should people have the right to speak about things that cause such situations…….notice the similarity to questions asked about our second amendment rights and the “WHY” factor this morning.

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4 Responses to “All This Talk About Weapons And Bans Is Causing A Problem?”

  1. xpatinas says:

    There is no problem.

  2. MatthewD says:

    The Patriot Act applies to many amendments. the 2nd is not amongst them.

  3. R says:

    Constantly and consistently lying about a “gun ban” IS causing a problem…
    To my knowledge, the only policies being discussed concern regulating magazine capacity and R.O.F..


    The individual in the white house and his administration are the reason there is a spike in firearm sales.

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