Alright Microsoft, Good Luck?

Honestly, I had no clue Sony was going to come out this heavy with the PS4. I wasn’t even sure if we’d see the specs at all until around E3, 8 GIGS OF RAM? ARE YOU ******* WITH ME?
I was prepared to be underwhelmed and disappointed if anything, but now I’m actually excited for a Sony product for the first time since the PS2. I’m really happy that they fixed the triggers too, more 360 esq in a way.
The reason I’m asking is Microsoft doomed is because there’s no way they can duplicate some of the things I’ve seen. The Gaikai streaming abilities for one and I seriously doubt they’ll be able to match the hardware.
So do you guys think Microsoft will be able to impress us with their upcoming project codenamed “Durango”? I know they have a big enough following to have millions of sales, but do you think the PS4 will win the race in this generation of consoles like they did with the PS2 vs Original Xbox?

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2 Responses to “Alright Microsoft, Good Luck?”

  1. Byron says:

    Obviously you know something i don’t. Care to fill me in?
    The IBM cell processor is the most advanced CPU on the planet. As far as i know it still is.

  2. sharebea says:

    Not only will it have 8gbs of ram but also and 8core processor x86 as well

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