Am I A Good Populist Or Bad Populist?

My Beliefs
Same Sex-Favor
Prayer in School-Favor
Death Penalty-Strongly Support
Mandatory “Three Strikes” Sentencing Law- Strongly Support
Enforce laws Against Drugs-Strongly Oppose
Allow churches to provide welfare service-Strongly Support
The Patriot Act harms civil liberties-Strongly Oppose
Absolute right to gun ownership- Strongly Support
Parents Choose Schools via Vouchers-Strongly Oppose
Require companies to hire more women & minorities-Favor
More Federal Funding For Health Coverage-Favor
Privatize Social Security-Strongly Oppose
Reduce use of coal and oil-Oppose
Make Taxes More Progressive-Oppose
Encourage Immigration and Offer Amnesty-Oppose
Support & Expand Free Trade-Strongly Support
US troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan-Oppose
Stricter limits on political campaign fund-Favor
More Spending on Armed Force- Strongly Support

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2 Responses to “Am I A Good Populist Or Bad Populist?”

  1. brenton s says:

    You need to say what you would do about Social Security because doing nothing does not make you populist or non-populist. It means that you can’t do basic math.
    “Fix Social Security Now” on FB

  2. Governor Tim Yenmor (Ret.) says:

    bad populist.

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