Am I A Republican Or Democrat?

Here are my stances:
Freedom: I want to get rid of Patriot Act, NDAA, NSA Surveillance, and shut down GITMO. I am Pro-Life, neutral on gay marriage, against prostitution, and euthanasia and death penalty, but do support legalizing marijuana.
Foreign Policy: In my opinion, the USA should lead as an example for other nations. We should not go to war against other countries, unless we are attacked. In dealing with hostile nations, the USA should sit down with countries like Iran and use diplomacy instead of war and threatening war. I think we should get out of the middle east, in my opinion.
Trade: I support free trade with other countries, but those who cheat and if they cheat, tariffs should be placed on all products of that country, and shall remain until the country decides to not cheat in trade. Again diplomacy, is the best way to stop this, but if it does not work, tariffs will be placed. I think we should end the Cuba Embargo. I also think we should get out of WTO, NAFTA, and other trade agreements that are not good and well thought out.
Government: I am very moderate. There should be some welfare but not so much that it makes America into a welfare state. I believe there should be some regulations on the economy but not so much that the government has complete control of the economy, but also that corporations take over this country should not happen.
Environment: This country is ours and we must take care of it. We need to become energy independent, but not just use one or two sources of energy, but all sources such as wind, solar, nuclear, etc. I want GMOs Labeled. I think that we should try the best to conserve the environment and many parks.
Space: I believe that the USA should be the first nation on earth to go to mars. If may take time and money, but I believe that this is important.
Education: I think there should be some competition. I believe in vouchers and school choice. I want the Federal Department of Education gone. I also support something that I call Educaid, which is like Medicaid, but it is education for poor. I think it should be payed by taxes and by the people on this program where they have to pay 10% of their yearly income.
Healthcare: I think that it is a state’s decision on what healthcare should be, and no federal healthcare mandate.
Gun Control: I believe in the Second Amendment. But, there needs to be some regulations. I don’t want to take away guns, but we need a well regulated gun control, not too big nor too small.
Constitution: We have sent our Constitution into exile! We must bring it back with open arms and accept that it is the supreme law of the United States. In necessary times, rules need to be broken, but only if those rules will one day be restored!
So the question ladies, and gentlemen, are my political beliefs affiliated with the Democratic Party or the Republican Party? Thank you, I ask of this because I want to go into the world of politics, and I am disgusted of those politicians in Washington that are both damaging our country on both sides.

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6 Responses to “Am I A Republican Or Democrat?”

  1. Jacob P says:

    You’re kind-of in between. I guess you would be considered a moderate.

  2. jaker says:

    YOU are whatever YOU declare yourself to be. If you can’t figure out which party you views align most closely with you are neither.

  3. Maestro says:

    I would call you a moderate, probably a moderate Republican more than a moderate Democrat. Your isolationist positions would be seen as unrealistic and naive by most Republicans (maybe Democrats as well!). Just the Constitution question alone should be enough to disqualify you as a Democrat though.

  4. Fort Lauderdale guy says:

    On one hand your libertarian with getting rid of the patriot act, you have a democratic energy stance and on NASA and guns. You have a conservative view with the vouchers but republicans would be against raising taxes for Educaid and many on BOTH sides are against leaving NASA and the wto. I would label you an independent.

  5. jimbo says:


  6. Rick31 says:

    Your views are more in line with the Libertarian party because your views neither mirror the Democratic nor the Republican party. I know this because I have many of your views too and I am more Libertarian though I usually vote for Republicans if no Libertarian candidate is on the ballot because the Democratic party is out of touch with individual liberty which is the mantra of the Libertarian party.

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