Am I Being Too Sensitive To My Friends Response?

I originally posted this in friendship but I think that is mostly for teenagers, so I am re-posting it here….
I am an under employed grad student and single mother who has never received a child support payment.Last week I was reading a Facebook post from a friend who I haven’t seen in a few years. since her son became an adult she no longer receives child support or public aid. As a result she and her son haven’t had anything to eat in a couple days. (In case you are wondering like I did, she said she gets free wifi internet where she lives, that is why she was able to FB). Money is very tight for me right now but I figured I still was able to feed myself so I could make due with a little less and help her out. I baked her a homemade loaf of bread ($0.35), made her a huge batch of homemade coleslaw ($1.50) bought her a package of dollar store hot dogs, a package of dollar store lunch meat, a bag of potatoes ($2.00), on sale apples ($2.00), pasta and a jar of marinara on sale ($2.00). This totaled about $10 before taxes. Then I got 2 sticks of butter from my fridge and a roll of toilette paper from my closet and brought all of it to her apartment which is nearly 30 minutes from my house. She opened the door and politely thanked me, looked in the box and said “It’s a lot of starch and not enough meat!”. This comment really hurt me because the over $10 is a lot of money to me right now, and this is how my child and I have been eating since I started school. Plus I made her homemade things to make it cheaper, and spent money on gas to give it to her. Although I will say the comment may have come from being hungry and frustrated with her situation. That was last week and I have yet to get an email thanking me for bringing her food. I didn’t do it because I expected her to gush I did it because it is the right thing to do. So now am I being overly sensitive?

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One Response to “Am I Being Too Sensitive To My Friends Response?”

  1. devonian Rodders says:

    No far from it, you did it out of the kindness of your heart, at considerable expense too.
    The saying “beggars can’t be choosers” applies here. Perhaps you should turn a deaf ear to future sob stories.

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