Am I Being Under Paid?

I am working as a part time visual merchandiser on a 26hr contract over five days a week. I am being paid £6.50 per hr.
I am required to travel to 3-4 different stores each day and required to use my personal mobile to contact supervisor and headoffce via email/call/texts to keep them updated.
Nothing is provided by my employer to contribute to travel costs or time i have to make to get to one location to another via public transport around london or to compensate my use of oersonal mobile. I do not get any staff benefits or discounts. Simply payment for time spent in each store which can vary (downwards) depending on stock levels.
Is there a UK employment law which requires compensation of any sorts for what I am doing? I do not feel my rate of pay is reflective of what is expected of me as an employee.
*I am over 25 so aware national minimum wage is £6.19 and therefore calculate there is not any relevant compensation included into the 31p over NMW they are givig me..any avice/help is appriciated.

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5 Responses to “Am I Being Under Paid?”

  1. Amy says:

    i dont get paid or compensated for travelling to and from work either. most people dont.

  2. Wildcard says:

    The short answer is no. You’re not being underpaid at all, and whilst morally a company should offer you assistance with it, they aren’t legally obliged to do so.

  3. Jan409 says:

    They’re not doing anything illegal but sadly you have accepted these terms and conditions by taking this job
    I cover an area of nursery schools as a Development officer,visiting several every day
    and am paid from when I leave home
    I’m also paid for all mileage for business purposes,or would be paid for travel if I used public transport
    I use my own mobile and my own laptop but am given £5 a month towards cost of mobile calls
    and £5 a month towards internet use
    I get 45p per mile for business mileage which is the HMRC recommended rate
    I also get a lot more per hour than you but that’s because of the job that I do, and its Professional requirements under early years legislation
    You really need to speak to your employer and ask about business mileage,or public transport costs and also a contributions towards mobile and internet costs

  4. Amberlyt says:

    If your employment contract has no mention of any kind travelling expenses being provided then there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. Those were the terms you agreed to when you accepted the job.

  5. Nick says:

    There is no law to require reimbursement of out of pocket expenses, but the fact that the Inland Revenue (HMRC) permits it is because it is normal practice. You can offset these costs against the tax you pay if you keep a record and relevant receipts.
    Similarly, a decent employer will give you the tools you need, like a mobile phone, or a van, or specialist equipment. Why not tell him you are giving up your phone so he needs to provide one? And that he needs to provide you with a travelcard or Oyster card to do your job.
    I fear this is a rather dubious employer who is exploiting you.
    Good luck.

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