Am I Entitled To A Refund?

I purchased a service from a group buying website (Cudo) and was unable to redeem it due to having no internet access for a few weeks when they stated you could only book through email and now I have just discovered my cousin has passed away so will be out of the country attending a funeral.
The voucher which I purchased is still valid until 29th December but I will be gone until 2nd January.
I asked the merchant for an extension and they said they were unable to due to moving.
I contacted the group buying website for a refund and they said they cant give me a refund due to their terms stating no refunds will be given within the 30 day period.
Yes their terms may state this but they cant just steal $200 off someone and then say sorry, too bad.
I cant contact them through phone as they havent provided a contact number but yet they are ignoring all my emails and I am out $200 with no service and basically just handed them money for nothing.
Am I entitled to a refund?
As I said their terms may state no refunds within the 30 day period but they cant just steal someones money.
Change of mind is fair enough but I cant say to my family sorry I cant come to the funeral as I bought a $200 facial voucher.
What do I do?
I thought about contacting consumer affairs but that can take time.

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3 Responses to “Am I Entitled To A Refund?”

  1. Vet's Daughter says:

    They are not responsible for the reasons you didn’t use the service. The fact that you didn’t have internet and had a death in the family is not their fault. Their business was there to provide you with the service, you just didn’t use it. You aren’t entitled to a refund.

  2. Yeti says:

    You’re not entitled to a refund. They didn’t steal your money. You knew the conditions when you purchased the service, and it’s not their fault you can’t redeem it because you didn’t have internet access, etc. Stealing would imply they went and took money from your bank account against your will and without your awareness. They didn’t. You gave them money, and it’s your fault if you can’t now use what you purchased. They are not at all obligated to refund your money or give you an extension, and they can’t stay in business if they tried to accommodate every time somebody like you essentially just changed their mind or made up a story to get out of things. (I’m not saying you’re making it up, but they have no way of knowing and it’s not their responsibility to sort such things out.)
    You’re out of luck, no refund. When you purchase like that, you assume the risk of things like having no internet access in advance. That’s not their problem. At no time have they failed to uphold their end of things if you’d conformed to the conditions specified at purchase.
    And no, you are not entitled to a refund via their “satisfaction guarantee” either.

  3. Jens says:

    Not being able to use the voucher for personal reasons doesn’t entitle you to a refund.
    The satisfaction guarantee doesn’t either – it does not protect you from being unsatisfied with their service for the reason of not using it due to having personal issues. You have to try to actually use the service to invoke any satisfaction guarantee.
    However, the service provider being booked out is what may help you. If they are unable to provide the service even if you tried to get it, then that’s a reason for a refund or a validity date extension.
    Did you contact the business and ask if they still will accept the voucher if you book their service now (within the validity period) for e.g. march? It’s not your fault that Cudo sold so many vouchers that you couldn’t get an appointment after all.
    This website explains what to do in cases such as yours. Are you located in Australia?
    If not, then check your local counterpart to it. Pay particular attention to point d)…

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