Am I good enough to go back for training(sales work)?

I had an interview for a sales job. I have been asked to go for training. I have been given some pages of sales talk to learn about the products over the weekend.

I have been practicing every 2 hours for 30mins from 9am-10pm since friday. Not sure how many hours that works out at.

I still cannot rememeber the whole page. Just keywords and the first sentences and closing sentences to each paragraph, im still getting mixed up with the middles.

I made a CD with music in the background and even sung the pages as i remember lyrics easily and have been brainwashing myself with these.

I really have given it 110% learning wise. But thinking that I should be able to remember the whole thing. Training starts tomorrow, my paper says ‘ It is crucial that you have learned all of this information inside out or it will make your first day of work impossible’ im still learning them right now but have to go outside tonight to tend to the animals so will only be able to fit in another 30mins before bed before i start tomorrow morning.

Is this okay or really not okay??

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One Response to “Am I good enough to go back for training(sales work)?”

  1. Kate says:

    Don’t practice too hard or you will just sound rota and not yourself. It is important to let your natural personality shine through for sales. The idea is to pursuade people to buy not to hard sell.

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