Am I The Legal Owner Of This Money?

If I was approaching a till to make a purchase and my mother handed me £10 that I put in my pocket and then took back out to make the purchase with, am i the actual owner of that money? -(This been my Birthday money as a gift from my mother)
This is in regards to an issue that i have using staff discount in a store in the UK and them not accepting this as they thought it was my mothers money?
If you could advise me of the answer and any legal documentation that backs this up I would be much appreciative 🙂

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3 Responses to “Am I The Legal Owner Of This Money?”

  1. PlanB says:

    Have the money already ‘on’ you, then you are the sole ‘bearer’ of that money. Have you ever read what is written on a 10 Pound note? there’s no ‘legality’ involved here. I understand the whole validity of discount eligibility aspect, just be prepared – before – you even enter…(?)

  2. Pascal the Gambler says:

    They don’t have to give you the discount ever. If they think it is a purchase for your mother, then they have every right to deny the discount, even if it isn’t. It doesn’t matter who “owns” the money.
    Discounts are not a law and they are given at the sole discretion of the business.

  3. Jo W says:

    You’re making a meal of this.
    The staff may well have drawn that conclusion (you can see why). All you needed to do was explain, or go back another time with your £10 already in your possession.

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