I was just wondering does anybody know if deliver to Ireland. I was hoping to buy some books etc.. but my friend said he heard that they no longer deliver to Ireland. Can anybody tell me if this is true??
Thanks a million.. Found it!!

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  1. CK says:

    Yes they do.
    They class it as "Western Europe"
    Here is the delivery rates page

  2. shez says:

    I have ordered loads this xmas from

    I am sure they do, but check on their website

  3. El SamO says:

    try having a look on their website, that would be the most reliable way of finding out for sure

  4. old know all says:

    Yes. You’ll have to pay an international delivery charge and there are some titles and goods they’re not allowed to sell in Ireland.

  5. maurice says:

    i’m irish & have on occation bought from amazon & now i believe that they have a warehouse in ireland ,& the last time i purchased a book ( a couple of months ago ) it was delievered within a week.

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