So, I paid £7.65 P+P to ensure that the item ordered would be here by 1pm today, it hasn’t met that deadline (aka – hasn’t come yet), yet I’m fairly certain that I wont get any of that money back.

Fair or not fair?

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  1. Megan C says:

    thats awful! Amazon are consistantly awful with their post.l I would make a huge fuss about it and make sure you get some money back!

  2. Gem7783 says:

    Def not fair. I’ve had same prob b4!

  3. shazm says:

    Not fair but I’ve never had a problem with them. Have you tried contacting them yet?

  4. Summer84 says:

    Not fair – amazon have an online customer services type thing ?!?! Try e-mailing them and u never know they might refund u – it’s worth a try!!

  5. des c says:

    Its only 2-40pm Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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