Does the supper saver postage on amazon where u spend £15 or more to get free postage apply if u are you only buying new stuff from amazon or deos it apply to buying second hand stuff also.


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  1. claimbankchargesback says:

    Its only for new items which you buy from Amazon themselves.

    Second hand items come from person sellers and companies on the amazon marketplace, rather than from Amazon themselves, so are not covered by the super saver postage. On these items its down to the person selling them as to how much they charge for postage.

  2. bouncer bobtail says:

    New stuff and only from Amazon not other suppliers

  3. ScientistX says:

    I dont think so, Ive never seen the option arise. To be brutally honest as a seller you are actually underpaid for postage on larger heavier books. Reason being Amazon only give sellers a set postage for every book about £2.75, which is fine if you are selling a novel but an educational textbook! Thanks! lol

    Amazon can offer those on new books as it pays an annual or monthly fee and posts on mass, so overall postage is cheaper, whereas secondhand books are sent from normal people like you and me.


  4. Katherine Lynn A says:


  5. secksy1971 says:

    No, you cant use it on second hand items. It only applies to items bought on Amazon sites. Market place sellers and Amazon Z shops do not count. Also if you have gift vouchers – these are only able to be redeemed on Amazon sites and not on market place or z shops either

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