bad seller?

I bought a game in good faith from what i thought was an honest seller.
The game took 12 days to arrive, when it did, it was a blank plastic DS case, no game inside.
When i contacted him, he just repeats himself constantly, saying, All my games are black cases, i packaged it myself, USA games do not come with clear cases, hence you are lying.
He sells psp games, and other PAL DS games, yet his whole argument is based on colour of case.
I have opened a Amazon A-Z case about this, he is now claiming i am lying, wants the clear case sent back to him, and said he will contact the Police against me.
Would like to know, has anyone else met a nutjob like this on amazon, threatening police and not helpful.
Would the police investigate, hell, should i contact them myself about him?

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4 Responses to “ bad seller?”

  1. Johnny DJ says:

    Claim your money back using Amazon. Don’t bother with Police or anything.

  2. lillypad says:

    you need to contact amzon about this issue as the police will do nothing

  3. Ray C says:

    contact Amazon they very good at sorting these things out and if they find in your favor they will get your money back and block this seller , keep copy of emails he sent you they will want to see them

  4. Sarah says:

    Contact Amazon about it and tell them that you would like your money back.

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