clothes help?

I need to buy a dress for a fancy dress party im going to (getting it from amazon cos its cheaper) but I don’t know what size to get.
A small or a medium
does anyone know what size either is?
(im a size 10)

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One Response to “ clothes help?”

  1. Jessica says:

    If it is being shipped from a different country then it will be smaller than UK sizes but generally a small is 8 to 10 , a medium is 12 to 14 and a large is a 16 to 18 . However it can also be that small is size 6 to 8 , medium is 10-12 and large is 14 to 16. It depends if you would consider your self 8 to 10 or more a size 10 to 12. If you think you are the smaller of the two then get a small but if you feel you are more like the 10 to 12 then get a medium. If its tight then you should allow for a bigger size than if its a loose costume.
    Hope this helps , you can always return it if its not right

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