contact phone number?

does anyone know the contact phone number for i need to speak to someone but the phone number is not on the website anywhere. thanks
thanks for the answers 🙂 i tried the Call Me thing but it didnt work

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6 Responses to “ contact phone number?”

  1. friendlymom says:

    click on this link and then go the ‘call me’ button. you will only need to give them your number and they will get in touch with you!

  2. Sal*UK says:

    0800 2796620 (Monday-Friday 08:00-18:00).

  3. heavymetalbitch says:

    you have the phone number now. but i go onto HELP ,scroll down to CONTACT US and send emails to them. had no problems with that.

  4. spannerandpony says:

    They call you back now; it works really well and they call you back very promptly. The link above is correct.

  5. fardy says:

    You have to go onto website and click on their customer service contact …they then phone you back on your home phone when you want …….. Is pretty cool as its done through you conection to pc

  6. Jamie S says:


    Monday – Saturday 8AM GMT – 6PM GMT

    But if its Where’s my Christmas Stuff, best ask Royal Mail or City Link that..

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