delivery rates?

do i have to pay extra shipping costs even when i already purchased stuff that are worth over 20 pounds?? i mean when i buy something from another seller, that is registered by amazon, like JVC
But when i want JVC in ear headphones and i click on the first one, it says sold by ……
Does that mean i have to pay to them, or will amazon pay for me cause they are working together with the seller?

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3 Responses to “ delivery rates?”

  1. Lula Lukas says:

    Unless specified on the page that the item is fullfilled by Amazon, u are delivered the item by seller. and u have to pay shipping charges extra. see how dispatch and delivery works at amazon

  2. Squidmaster says:

    Probably, yeah.
    If its not Amazon themselves, its somebody selling through Amazon, then postage is whatever they decide it is.
    With Amazon you get free economy class delivery if over £15, but thats with AMAZON only, not third party sellers working through them.

  3. Janine says:

    You will have to pay extra delivery, as you don’t buy from amazon directly but from another seller.

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