Express Delievery?

ive just ordered Saw 4 on DVD from amazon and i used my dads credit card.

It dosnt say how much the damn delivery cost is.

it says my total was £4.41

and i got an email saying it was £11.4

and "apparently" i clicked express delevery which i didnt.

:@@@@@@ does anyone else HATE amazon apart from me?

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One Response to “ Express Delievery?”

  1. sn0zb0z says:

    With buying anything online double check everything. If you are sure you did not click/it was not selected on express delivery then you could try contacting Amazon and see if there is anything they can do. Otherwise, just be more careful in the future.

    If it through Amazon (rather than another seller through the marketplace) then you only have the option of free delivery if you spend over £5. Otherwise it will cost and it will be more if you choose something like express delivery, which is £8.80 according to their help section

    For a DVD through Amazon it is £1.14 plus 0.29p for each item for first class post. For the marketplace it is £1.21.

    The total you got was probably for the item and then the normal postage on top, but it then emailed you for the the DVD and then express delivery on top instead. Whether it is a glitch or something that was clicked during the checkout I don’t know, but the total should have changed when you were paying if you clicked express delivery. If this is not the case contact amazon. You may want to check what you have actually been charged as well

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