2 Responses to “Amazon.co.uk help needed? Not sure how I receive my payment for selling stuff.?”

  1. peter s says:

    Kateg is almost correct except it goes into your Bank Account via Bacs payment NOT your paypal account. Once you have posted the item bought you need to mark the item as dispatched in your seller account so that Amazon’s system knows you have something there to transfer, so 14 days after you mark it as dispatched their system initiates the payment and then usually 5 to 6 days WORKING days later it goes into your bank.

    So providing you have marked it as dispatched it should be in your account by now, if it isn’t I would ask Amazon for a call back via the seller support section on the right hand side of the page.

    Details on the link below:


  2. kateg says:

    The money received goes into your paypal account, it does not go direct to a credit or debit card account. Look in your paypal account and see what the balance is for your account. Once a payment has cleared, you can transfer the money to your personal bank account or credit card or leave it in your paypal account. It is misleading – I thought it went direct to my bank account and found out later that I had to transfer the money myself. The bankcard information is for account validation and a means for you to collect your money. I find it better to put the money directly into a checking account.

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