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Please someone tell me how on earth I change the settings on Amazon to stop it displaying to the rest of my family what I have bought them for Christmas, and what I might be buying them.

It shows "recently viewed" and "customers who bought x might like this" even though I am not logged in.

I think I should have made clear that Amazon isn’t actually my browser home page… but I have cleared my cookies (along with the 80 meg of temporary internet files lol….) and it seems to have done the trick for now), but I was wondering whether there was an Amazon setting I didn’t know about.

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5 Responses to “ Home page?”

  1. Garry2 says:

    You could try clearing your cookies when you log out

  2. hyper1504 says:

    i don’t know about changing your settings on amazon but try clearing your cache and cookies etc on your computer, this deletes all traces of you looking at website/pages. etc.

  3. kenjinuk says:

    not sure that clearing your cookies, or the cache files will stop Amazon pushing its choices and ideas when you log in again.
    You might log-in with your own page and try to add a password or encrypt your page, otherwise create a new name and identity, go to second chance and get a new identity! Or just search for distracting junk in the babies section to confuse people!!!
    Use a computer at a site away from your home

  4. big al says:

    how about changing you homepage to google or yahoo until after xmas…..
    in explorer goto tools ..internet options …

  5. scantybone says:

    change your homepage or delete you browsing history

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