price changing?

When you place an order on and confirmed it and everything. and then that particular same item’s price increases, Do you pay for the original price of when you’ve confirmed it earlier or Do you pay for the increased price. I think it’s just wrong to keep increasing and decreasing the price of items. It’s just Wrong.

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3 Responses to “ price changing?”

  1. Jo W says:

    Once you’ve paid for the item, that’s it.

    No good making a fuss about changing prices – that’s market forces for you. Happens all the time in shops, so why not online shops?

  2. oopsoohooh says:

    you are aware you can cancel an order within amazon guidelines

    and then re-buy at the cheaper price

  3. JOHN G says:

    Remember when you buy things they are sometimes from other traders NOT just Amazon , that’s why the prices vary

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