I wanted to order volume #6 of the Ouran High School Host Club manga on, but it says it’s only available for preorder. It says its release date is in 2009, but it was released almost 3 years ago! Wtf? It says it for volume #7 as well, but it has it in stock! Wtf is going on? If I order it, will I get it with the rest of my order, or will I have to wait almost 6 months to get it? The product is here:

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  1. laheira2 says:

    It appears as available in Amazon US. I’ve seen things like that in Amazon UK in the past. Put the order, and before you click the final step to confirm, see what it says. If it’s not available, and you don’t mind spending a bit more, order it from Amazon US (I’ve ordered stuff first released in the UK from Amazon UK and I live in the US, with no problems).

  2. madinalake says:

    amazon is behind with manga it always has been and they usually wait for it to be in print and available for the UK. so pre-order must mean out of print and waiting for the new lot to be dispached which wont be until the date stated. i order from amazon often and used to get my manga from there but it is very behind on manga unfortunately

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