Can you tell me if i buy a book from
will i get a smaller hardback book or one as if i had brought it from the shop.
let me explain i started to buy books from a book club but when i got them they where smaller then the ones you would buy from a shop proberly half the size still hardback but half the size.
so if i buy from amazon will i get the acual size book.

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  1. jescikka says:

    every thing I have got from amazon has been fine and normal size ect. I have been really pleased with them adn would definately recommend them.

  2. thumberlina says:

    they will be the regular size – Bookclub print them themselves or have special prints made – with different covers.

    What you buy from Amazon will be the same from a bookshop!

  3. Betti N says:

    I have bought books from Amazon and they have all been the same as I would have bought in a shop. The books have always been well packed and delivered on time.

  4. caryn t says:

    Book clubs editions are essentially worthless (some are abridged and the rest are printed in a way which distinguishes them from bookstore-quality books.) Typically they are printed exclusively for the book club. This, of course, negatively affects their resale value and quality as publications. or will sell you "normal" books- the kind you find at Borders or Barnes and Noble.

  5. dimplez P says:

    I Have shopped on before for a book and i received the actual size of the book like the one in the shop.
    So you will get the actual size if you shop on Amazon.

  6. amtusS says:

    Amazon is just a mail order Establishment which sell books among other will buy the addition you want, hard back, paper back, brand new or, 2nd hand used coppy. you may pay some postal charges as well will have the chioce to return if for some reason you did not like it.and get a refund. book clubs is some thing tottaly different. I may be difficult to get out of one. why dont you log on to and find out your self.

  7. nemesis says:

    I have bought lots of books from Amazon. If you are buying new then you get the original publishers edition. If you buy second hand it can be risky as you are at the behest to the honesty of the second hand dealer who trades via Amazon.

  8. felineroche says:

    I buy dozens of books from Amazon. They are cheaper than in a bookshop, delivered free if the order is over £15 and they are very efficient.

    If you want a hardcover make sure this is included in the book description or you can usually tell by the price. They are the normal publisher’s edition. You can pre-order popular books before their publishing date to make sure you get a copy.

    I like the way they keep track of what I have bought and offer me books by the same authors and others of the same genre.

    I do have a little niggle as a couple of days ago I wanted to buy a music CD The Legend & the Legacy by Ernest Tubb and on Amazon it was quoted £29 used and £50 new so I trawled around a bit and found it on Woolworth Online for £8.99 though I will have to wait till late June for it. Take my advice, shop around

  9. firearthwindwater says:

    The hardbacks i have received from have been normal bookshop size. The other sellers generally give you normal bookshop sized hardbacks when i’ve bought them too. But to be honest, i do tend to buy from amazon when it comes to hardbacks. Sometimes, i buy second hand, or ex-library books from other sellers, which are always differing sizes. Just make sure that you read the description porperly before you buy, other wise you could end up with a paperback when you thought you were buying a hardback.

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