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  1. peter s says:

    I am a seller on amazon also but I have a couple of queries.

    So was your box "New" or "Like New" because if it was the latter or was not sealed in the box then it was definitely "not as described". Amazon crack down hard on sellers who list item’s that are different than the listing so even if it was a slightly different model or used in any way this means the buyer does not have to send it back. Amazon expects their sellers to know the law in full they are NOT ebay where you can sell anything you like any way.

    Personally I would never send an expensive electrical item out as "standard parcels" as the customer may say it never arrived, even if it did and you have no proof it did arrive, always send things like this "signed for" as a minimum.
    You cannot just refuse to refund a customer, as you have seen, the distance selling regulations state he has 14 days in which to reject the item and get a full refund, he doesn’t even have to pay to return it just "make it available for collection".

    Your best way to hopefully get it back is to contact the buyer via the amazon messaging system and ask him if he is willing to send it back if you arrange for the collection, yes this will cost you more money but at least you will get your free-sat box back even if it isn’t in the same condition as you sent it.
    You may have to beg the customer to get him to send it back seeing as amazon have already told him he doesn’t have to send it back though.

    I have put a couple of links below to amazon seller forums the official one and the unofficial one ask your question again on them and see if they can come up with any more suggestions, Pete.

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