VAT receipt?

They don’t seem to include them in the mail. I can’t find them on the amazon site. Anyone know anything about this?

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2 Responses to “ VAT receipt?”

  1. Robert J says:

    I’ve just had a look through some of my Amazon delivery notes/invoices, and the ones for items that are eligible for VAT do have the VAT amounts & VAT number included.

    As books are zero rated, they may just not bother with VAT details for them.

  2. JohnnieAstro says:

    Amazon is famous for selling books.

    Britain is famous for not having any Taxes on Books and Newspapers.

    It will depend on what items you buy as to whether there is VAT.

    The VAT content is easy to find now it is 20% just divide the price by 6
    Lets say it is a laptop @ £399.99

    The VAT content will be £66.665 probably rounded to £66.67

    So the net price will be £333.32

    All printed material is Zero VAT ie Books.

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