can anyone tell me why my maestro card works fine for but wont except it??

and also if there is a way round this?? or do i need visa etc to shop with

thanks in advance people

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  1. CHRISTINE A says:

    Hi. It’s probably because Maestro is not a recognised card in the US ( or possibly because Maestro has no arrangement with You should take it up with both (through Contact Customer Service, and your bank respectively). Also, I think Maestro is a DEBIT card, rather than a credit card.

    You could try purchasing your Amazon item on the UK site, with a US address for delivery. I am sure they’ve done this for me as my family is in the US. It is also possible to buy gift vouchers on the UK site in dollars and transfer to the US.

    Good luck!

  2. Aisha S says:

    hiya that both!!!!

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