And International Shipping?

I live in the UK and found an item cheaper on Amazon.COM rather than Amazon.CO.UK and was wondering if you can buy an item from Amazon.COM and still have it shipped to the UK. Thanks in advance.
This is what I am looking to buy:

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2 Responses to “ And International Shipping?”

  1. Steve B says:

    Yes – and if the item is valued at over £18, when it arrives UK Customs will apply Import Duty (typ 5%), VAT (20%) and a £10 handling fee .. welcome to Rip-off Britain ..

  2. Leisha says:

    Amazon USA has a dedicated Amazon Global page where you can access each category but unfortunatley Amazon UK does not make it quite so easily, at least so to date. Here are the individual Global Delivery Available categories on Amazon UK.

    Automotive :

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