I want to buy an ipod. Because of the exchange rate from Pounds to Dollars(1-2) at the moment, would i save money by ordering one from Thanks

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  1. linda t says:

    Not really if your from the UK you will end up paying more because of P&P possible get taxed duties aswell like i did

  2. tinkerbell says:

    That would all depend on the postage cost !!!
    Compare the two and pick the cheapest but remember that there might be custom charges too.

  3. confuzoid says:

    for the sake of a few quid i would order from UK in case it gets lost or takes ages to arrive

  4. jazznutUVA says:

    Things to keep in mind…

    1. Postage.
    2. Voltage & Plug adapters(ex. I own an American Nintendo Wii… I had to buy an international voltage convertor because it shipped with a 110v adapter only)
    3. U.S. Proprietary stuff (ex. I own an American Nintendo Wii… I do not get any European content because it is not programmed for it.)
    4. Remember sometimes content is region-specific.

    … so remember it’s not always just about the price.

  5. jed slade says:

    The difference in cost has to be weighed against postage ,initial price,and risk of damage plus delivery time.Then you do what you think suits you best.

  6. Jen w says:

    It’s cheaper to buy from than uk i used com regular than UK.

    Best to use the prices are cheaper and it’s very rare you pay custom on goods it’s can take 2 weeks for delivery but some times sooner.

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