Amazon Coupons – 2013 List Of Coupon Codes For Amazon?

Hey, I am looking for Amazon coupons I can use for 2013. I am buying a couple of expensive products for my home and the shipping prices are pretty high.
I used to get emails with different coupons for Amazon that you can use, but I havn’t gotten those recently.
Does anyone know where I can find a list of coupons which will work on Amazon? Thanks alot!

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  1. hector says:

    Amazon coupons still get sent via the newsletter once in a while. Really, it depends on what you buy. The best coupons are for Amazon’s more pricier items. The cheap stuff probably won’t have any discounts. has a list of all the Amazon coupons on their website.
    So if you are not signed up for the newsletters with the coupons and deals for Amazon, then you can view them all on that website.

  2. shirley says:

    There is a section of the Amazon website where they have all of the different products and the coupons and discounts for that product.
    I just bought a TV from Amazon when the Holiday deals were going on, and the Amazon coupon that I used was for free shipping.
    And it was a coupon for Amazon free 2 day shipping as well so I was happy.
    Check their Twitter & Facebook page for Amazon, sometimes they give out coupons and freebies there.

  3. Trent says:

    You know, you can get some really slick deals and coupons from Amazon by calling their customer support.
    One time when I ordered a monitor off of Amazon, the product had some minor damage. Then I called the customer support for Amazon, and they send me a bunch of stuff like amazon discount codes, and like Amazon prime membership for free.
    They definitely have awesome customer service!

  4. Madlyn says:

    Try to sign up for AmazonLocal Deals, they send out nice coupons for different places all of the time. I get those coupons emailed to me like every day.
    I am also a member of Amazon Prime, so we get amazon coupons free shipping in 2-days. Its very nice.
    You can also get some nice Amazon coupons sent to you by registering for the store credit card. And if you buy lots of stuff from them, they will send you gift certificates for cash back.

  5. Lance says:

    If your going to be buying alot of different stuff on Amazon, you might as well become a Prime member and get free 2 day shipping.
    If your a student, you can use Amazon student to get free shipping on anything that has a Prime logo next to it.

  6. Melon Head says:

    Amazon coupons will only work for certain products. You have to find the coupon you are looking for the product you want to buy.
    Most of the coupons which will give you like 20% off, or like $10 off, those are mostly gift certificates and vouchers and they will be used up when one person uses them.
    You can check they have good coupons.

  7. Will says:

    Which codes can you use on Amazon to get free shipping? I need it really bad! Thanks

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