Amd Or Intel??????????…
I am going to be building my computer in the current weeks to follow the day which is now. I am going to buy an Intel processor because apparently they are much better than AMD. That one is within my budget and I have found good reviews about pentium systems. I should be able to run microsoft word without frame rate issues! Any recommendations other components? I am thinking of over clocking it to about 250mhz using luquid cooling, I intend to mod this to the max and run some serious excel spreadsheets!

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6 Responses to “Amd Or Intel??????????”

  1. therussi says:

    Intel is soooo much better then amd, I am not saying that amd is bad but you can’t compare it with inte.
    Your choice, good luck

  2. Phenic Raider says:

    Amd, you pay to much for Intel

  3. SirWilli says:

    Intel is were its at, it’s inexpensive and works like a charm, AMD is good, but overpriced.

  4. mistaken says:

    Yes, generally Intel is a better company, but not necessarily because it would be measurably faster. It’s because of quality, Intel has been making computer chips since the dawn of computers, so they know what they’re doing. AMD does have some good processors as-well, but if you ask any reputable computer nerd, if you have two processors, same specs all around but one is AMD and one is Intel, go with Intel. Considering your question, the AMD one is better, look at the specs. AMD’s 3.6GHz compared to Intel’s 2.6? Easy. Even easier? Buy an I7

  5. Chris says:

    depends on your budget
    low end AMD processors knock low end Intel’s out the ball park.
    but for raw performance the high end Intels win every time
    the top of the charts are dominated by Intel, however AMD offers a much better power to $ ratio.
    So the question is what are you willing to spend?
    having seen your link to both now, buy the AMD not the Intel.
    That Intel you are looking at is not only 5 years old and far less powerful; you will have a difficult time finding a motherboard to use it.
    stick with the following types, AM3+, LGA-1155 or LGA 2011

  6. that guy says:

    It’s like comparing a Toyota to a Ferrari, the toyota is economical and will do the job, but the ferrari will be much more powerful and it will be a [tad] bit more expensive…If you’re on a budget, you’d go with amd, but if you’re willing to spend 1k-2k, get an i7 black edition, and and nvidia gpu..

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