American Apparel Interview?

I’m posting this question just to see if anyone who has been hired by American Apparel can help me get a good idea on whether or not I got a job at AA. I sent in three pictures and a resumé to an email (regional manager) that was given on Facebook that was asking for sales associates. The day afterward, I received a call from the AA manager saying that my email was forwarded to her by the regional manager and then she asked me to go in for an interview the following day. I accepted the offer and showed up ten minutes early. The manager was there and told me that she’d be with me shortly. She told me to walk around the store so I did. She was talking to her co-wokers (IDK about what) for about 10 minutes while I walked around the store. She finally came up to me with one of her co-wokers and asked to go outside for the interview. The interview went very well, both the manager and the key holder were there. I made them both laugh a couple of times and the manager even took notice that I was wearing AA clothes. She proceeded to ask about the hours I wanted which I answered with 10-20. She said that was exactly what she was looking for. At the end of the interview she said that there were still a few people she had to interview and that she’d contact me by the end of next week if she wanted to have a second interview. Everything seemed great. Shortly after the interview I sent her a thank you email which discussed how I appreciated her time.
I just have a few questions: Why didn’t they take photos of me at the interview? Do the photos that I submitted before the interview compensate for the fact that they didn’t take photos at the interview? Does it sound like I have a good chance at getting the job? Did the regional manager already view the photos and “accept” my look? I’m nervous, this was my first interview ever! Thanks for all the help and reading all of this!

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