An Excellent Way to Absorb Sound From Your Floors

When walking on a rug that is on top of a hard floor surface, imagine the weight of each stop going through the rug and onto the floor. This usually creates a sound, and most often a heavy sound. Probably one of the best preventions for this sound is by using a dense jute rug pad under your rugs. Besides the overall advantages such as prolonging the life of rugs and carpets as well as feeling comfortable to walk on, sound dampening is a key element.

I hear quite often that landlords in apartment buildings require the use of rug pads in order to create a quieter atmosphere throughout the building. I also hear the popular question: how do I make my floors quieter for people who live below me? Also, I have a house full of hardwood floors and there are sounds every time we walk. No need to be concerned as the answer is as simple as a good quality jute rug pad.

The right jute rug pad should be made from recycled material and have a good density and thickness. The sound will be absorbed better with a pad that is 40 ounces and almost a half of an inch thick. This type of pad is also mold and mildew resistant, odor free and does not shed or harm any type of hard floor surface.

The 40 ounce density is important in that it creates for a strong foundation to help avoid heels of shoes from penetrating through the rug and onto the floor, hence avoiding loud footsteps underneath. Not only will this prevent sound, it will also prevent any damage to your floors.

Source by Luis Santamaria

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