Ann Summers Discount Code?

I was given the Ann Summers discount code ‘5OPPD’ to use on their website, however it does not seem to work whenever I put this in as it is meant to give me a 5% discount but nothing happens. Does anyone know why this is not working and know if there are any discount codes that are working?

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3 Responses to “Ann Summers Discount Code?”

  1. Denise says:

    That discount code you have is out of date unfortunately, it expired 9 days ago. You can view all the up to date & valid Ann Summers discount code at

  2. mark says:

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    I’m sorry, I do not know.

  3. JanetM says:

    You didn’t say where you got the coupon code. I will often search for coupon codes when purchasing on line from a known retail site. And usually get those codes not from the retail store itself but from one of many sites who have the offers. All of those sites show the percentage of success with each code and when it was last used. So they aren’t always codes that will work. It’s not that it’s not legitimate, but some have expired, or only a certain number can be used, etc. You could probably do better than 5%l though, but again… those discount codes aren’t always guaranteed.

    Here’s the result of a Google search for "Ann Summers" discount codes. As you can see, there are many sites, many possible codes.

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