Another Darn Relationship Question From Me… But I’m Kind Of Really Confused?!?

OK, this is a little deep and complicated, so I’ll briefly overview the situation – I started work at this discount store back in January, and had fun getting to know people, but there was this one girl, who reminded me of someone from my school I’d just left, who I nearly went out with, but I chickened out in the end. Anyway, I eventually start working together with this girl (she’s just under 3 years my elder) and we become quite close mates. Eventually, about 2-3 months in, she’s recognized for her talents and gets a mangagerial (sorry about grammer) position, but while to others she seems to big for her boots, she remains quite close to me, personally. Anyway, now and back then, we always have banter with each other, not exactly flirting, but we’re always laughing with each other. But when we have “serious” conversations (hardly ever however!) we do listen to each other. Her name’s Sophie, but I always call her Soph (kinda irrelevant, as quite a few people do that), and she is a really caring person, as well as having an attractive body. So I could just be taking her caring signs a little too seriously. Now, if the circumstances were different, I would just ask her about her feelings. Except I know she has a boyfriend. We’re friends on facebook, so I’ve seen pics, plus about 3 weeks after the shop opened up, she was talking about her boyfriend…. My personal feelings? Sometimes I feel I fancy her (never stop smiling thinking about her, butterflies in stomach thinking about her) and other times (can talk really casually to her, don’t think about her)…
Sorry for the question being so long, I’m just a little confused obviously. Any help?!

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2 Responses to “Another Darn Relationship Question From Me… But I’m Kind Of Really Confused?!?”

  1. r says:

    i dont understand what are you asking, but i think you like her. in fact you really like her very much. Now try to be very good friend with her. and wait her time no has boyfriend.
    and you can find a lot of girls in this time !
    good luck.

  2. BlackRav says:

    I know how you feel. I have been here in this situation before!
    If she has a boyfriend, then you should be careful about everything that you do. He might get…angry…
    Does she seem interested in you at all? Does she seem kind of secretive when talking with you? Do you think that she sees you as more as a friend?
    Maybe she is getting the wrong message.
    If I was you, I would be sneaky and wait until she is single (kind of hard because she might be in a relationship for a while) and then pounce on the occasion and tell her how you feel.
    If you don’t want to wait multiple months, then you should either keep these feelings to yourself or speak to her about it. Tell her that you think of her as more than a friend and you want her to know that. Tell her the truth. But also make sure to mention that you know that she has a boyfriend already, and that you know that he is important to her. Tell her that it is okay if she doesn’t like you back (if this IS okay to you) and that you just want her to know how you feel.
    To sum it up, keep your feelings on the down low, due to the fact that she has a boyfriend. But you need to tell her how you feel. If you lose her, then she is just another coworker at your job.

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