Any advice/tips on how to become more effective in an outbound sales campaign in a call centre?

How do you achieve sales targets? How do you overcome objections especially from people who do not like cold calls? How do you structure your sales calls? What is the best way to sell the product on the phone and how do you close the sale? Any other advice?

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  1. Erac Q, or What says:

    You shouldn’t expect to actually close a sale over the phone. That should be saved for in person where you can get a signature on a contract and/or cash in hand.

    The key to good phone "sales" is to sell yourself, not your product or service. If you get people to like you, they’ll buy what you have to sale.

  2. aj at the bank says:

    Focus, work harder than your peers, ask the boss what works, seek guidance from sellers hitting their targets.
    Other issues depend on what you’re selling.
    Try to sell to a different market then you have been.
    Try to find a logical link for your product into another service and product set.
    Purchase warm leads lists.
    Be honest and clear.
    Phone at good times, when potential customers are in.

  3. anonymoose says:

    If people don’t want it in the first place then a phone call isn’t going to make them want it. Sorry but its just a matter of the more calls you make the more likely you are to come across someone with a vague interest in your product.

  4. jackie m says:

    4 main points in selling – your name, the company name, the product you are selling and are they interested in it. it is also good to have details on the product and always remember to be pleasant at all times and your first call to be the same as your last call. Do not force the customer into buying the product, you usually know at the beginning of the conversation if they are interested in it. Learn your script well and don’t sound like a robot. If the customer is rude to you do not answer back, always be pleasant and apologise. The customer is your work not a disturbance to it. The customer is always right even when they are wrong. I have been in telesales for over 10 years.

  5. Ed Atun says:

    Find something to distract your mind between calls so you pick up the phone feeling energized. Answer one question on Yahoo Answers between each call. So you have a smile on your face when you speak to a person..

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