Any body know where i can get a 60gb ps3 in Northern Ireland or on the internet?

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7 Responses to “Any body know where i can get a 60gb ps3 in Northern Ireland or on the internet?”

  1. Jose A says:
    they may be able to ship to where your at from england

  2. johno says:

    id say the only way youd get one of them now is of ebay, or mabye second hand off amazon.

  3. chris_hoang92 says:

    does it matter what region it is? cause if it doesnt u can get a japanese one (NTSC) off of ( i think)

    if you want a UK PAL one, then im afraid ebay or amazon is your only chance =]

    hope i helped

  4. crazyman says:

    You can get one on Amazon & Ebay but they cost like £700 or something ridiculous, you best bet might be to buy a 40GB PS3 & also a PS2 because there would be not that much difference apart from you would have to have two things plugged into your TV so that is the only option unless you are willing to pay a LOT of money.

    Just saw it on for £435 which is the best you will ever get it. If you are going to buy it buy it now!!!

  5. iamataff says:

    I have an 80 gb Ntsc Model Which is 1 month old if you want to buy it lol.
    One game One Pad. Immaculate Condition (NEW)

    Email me for more details m8

  6. ijustwantanswers says:

    um probably . i shop there all the time and it is a great place to shop . you get stuff for very cheap.

  7. Dave T says:

    There will be plenty second hand cos there shite…..!

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