Any companies offering FREE Car insurance No Claims Discount Bonus?

Don’t have No Claims discount but wondering if I can get hold of a UK company willing to offer me a year or two discount.

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4 Responses to “Any companies offering FREE Car insurance No Claims Discount Bonus?”

  1. TheHornedGod says:

    some insurers will offer an ‘introductory’ discount – usually about 20% so nothing like the 40% you would get for your first years ncb. Some do offers like giving you two years at your first renewal but you’ll be lucky if you find another insurer that will accept it, so your pretty much stuck with the same insurer for at least two years. It’s the same for companies that do 10 month ‘accelerater’ ncb like elephant or bell direct – you won’t be able to trnsfer your 10 months bonus to a company that only acceptfull years.

    If you’re a new driver you could do the pass plus advanced driving course – a lot if insurers will give you at least 20% discount for doing it and if your premiums are high this can amount to hundreds of pounds.

  2. car253 says:

    You have to ask your agent or insurance company.

  3. david h says:

    Never heard of any company ever doing that !!!

  4. Cordia O says:

    Ralph K, There are tons of sites where you can get an online quote. It only takes about 5 minutes to do.

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