any current thompson holiday discount codes?

am going to tunisia in march this year and am looking at booking it through thompson holidays. was wondering if anyone has any discount codes. i would be most grateful.

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One Response to “any current thompson holiday discount codes?”

  1. Gary K says:

    wouldnt touch thompson with a shitty stick mate. once they have your money they dont give a toss. used them in may for a holiday to majorca and never again.didn’t get the seats we paid for on the plane,resort stank of sewerage,no health and safety rules in place( this resulted in my 2 year old spending 4 days in hospital).coach transfer left early,leaving us with a 90 euro taxi fare to the airport. the only time we saw the rep was when he was selling excursions.only after 2 letters and 2 emails threatening to publicise their shortcomings,did we get an appology.

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