Any Forseeable Problems With This Gaming Pc Build?

I have recently decided to build a gaming PC, and have little knowledge on the subject, so I am just double-checking that I haven’t missed anything, or that there are any possible problems that may occur. I have chosen the following components:
Processor – i5 650 quad core (buying from a friend)
Graphics Card – nvidia geforce gtx 550 ti (same)
DVD Drive – From my old PC
Mobo – Foxconn H55A (ATX)
Case – Zalman Z9U3 Midi Tower Case (ATX, M-ATX, Acryl Tuning, Full Size VGA Compatibility)
PSU – Corsair Builder Series CX 600 Watt ATX/EPS 80 PLUS Bronze Power Supply Unit
RAM – Corsair Vengeance 8GB 240 Pin 1600 MHZ
Hard Drive – WD Green 1 TB…0.0…1c.1.11.serp.H5VbptsayAE&sa=X&ei=VkmBUY-oIYSS0AX8hIHwCA&ved=0CH4Q8wIwAQ
O.S – Windows 7 Home Premium –
If you could just tell me whether there will be any forseeable problems with this rig? Please, dont accuse the cpu/gpu of being atiquated, I’m buying second hand to start, they were well under £100 together. Any suggestions will be appreciated Thank you in advance.

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3 Responses to “Any Forseeable Problems With This Gaming Pc Build?”

  1. Michael says:

    No forseeable problems. Just that the hard drive is a WD Green. Do not get a WD drive unless it is a Caviar Black. The Black is the only good drive from WD. Get a Seagate Barracuda instead.

  2. n/a says:

    So you have little knowledge on building PCs but yet you’re trying to build one
    You’re buying 2nd hand but don’t want anyone to accuse the CPU or GPU
    F.Y.I It’s antiquated not atiquated

  3. Frostfir says:

    Minimum PSU 700W-800W. *
    300W @80%efficiency = 240W
    350W @80%efficiency = 280W
    400W @80%efficiency = 320W
    430W @80%efficiency = 344W
    450W @80%efficiency = 360W
    500W @80%efficiency = 400W
    550W @80%efficiency = 440W
    600W @80%efficiency = 480W
    650W @80%efficiency = 520W
    700W @80%efficiency = 560W
    750W @80%efficiency = 600W
    800W @80%efficiency = 640W
    850W @80%efficiency = 680W
    900W @80%efficiency = 720W
    950W @80%efficiency = 760W
    1000W @80%efficiency = 800W
    *Use as a guide only

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