Any good mobile phone deals?

Hi. I’m looking for a new phone, as I’ve lost my old one. I’ve been using an old phone for a while now, which is driving me mad, as I don’t know how to use it.

The phone I lost was a Sony Ericsson W910i. I’m looking to get one similar, but better! I’ve been looking at the W995, which is really expensive and the Yari, which isn’t out until the end of October!

Any other suggestions? Any good deals on the W995? PAYG would be preferable, but I could be tempted by a good contract deal.

Thanks for any helpful answers!

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2 Responses to “Any good mobile phone deals?”

  1. ♥ѕαяαн♥ says:

    vodafone are the best network in my experience. they offer cheap deals.

    with vodafone family you pay just £5 a month and you get free unlimited calls to 3 other people on vodafone at all times even when you have run out of credit.
    with vodafone freedom packs for £10 a month you get 100 minutes 300 free texts, £15 a month 200 mins 600 texts and £20 a month 300 mins ulimited texts.

    you can also sign up to vodafone passport which is totally free and it means you can call or text people abroad for virtually the same price as you pay at home.

    i don’t know where i would be without vodafone. since me and my partner have been on it, our families have both joined.

    orange has to be the worst network around. they don’t seem to care about making good deals for customers and they only want your money. i was on them for 4 miserable years and they cost me a fortune and i could never find any cheap or decent deals.

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