Any good sites for cheap holiday bargains?

Want to go away in december, abroad, but want it to be warm not cold, is there anywhere that would be at that time of year? Need a bargain! any ideas? Maybe like majorca or somewhere?

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  1. cece0312usa says:

    This is my husbands method and it was actually described on GMTV as the best way to get a bargain. Takes some time and effort but save lots!
    Check out teletext and then call the different sites offering the same destination and tell them what a cheaper company is offering. Usually they will try to under bid or tell you they can’t beat it. We paid £514.00 each for 2 weeks in the Dominican Republic. This was 4 star ALL inclusive the height of last summer! We paid £707.00 each for two weeks over Christmas last year. Again 4 star and all inclusive to Dom Rep.
    Good luck!

  2. chi_baller16 says:

  3. pricetravel says:

    First 2 weeks of December (avoiding xmas) is cheapest time to travel anywhere. Contact your local travel agent.
    If later than that, the answer is NO!

  4. thespian says:

    Try "Last Minute .com" First.

  5. laplandfan says:

    Direct Holidays Uk have some real bargains..take a look at their websites

  6. lou0810 says:


    go to the canaries the temperature there remains pretty much constant all year, i think tenerife would be best

    enjoy 🙂

  7. albyone23 says:

    GO to LATE DEALS.COM and click on to auctions site, sign in to become a member then you will have to wait nearer the time and bid. Antime eary in December should be cheap if you are willing to take a chance. Also go on telly text near the time.

  8. gina says:

    A great place to look for this type of coupons is SearchAllDeals. Just start with a search term like "Holiday discount travel".

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