Any idea what cable I need to run a speaker from an amplifier?

I am looking to buy:

and these:

I’m not entirely sure of the connections required between the two, obviously the speakers require coaxial, but I’m not sure how to go about actually connecting the two systems.

Any suggestions of a cheap cable (<1m required)?
I’d like to point out that I am unsure what the connections on the back of the amplifier are, I’m perfectly happy with a coaxial cable being able to transmit the sound, I’d just like a suggestion of what socket is required for the type of connection; alternatively I’d be happy for someone to confirm that I needed a coaxial cable and strip the connection to connect to the back of the amplifier.

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5 Responses to “Any idea what cable I need to run a speaker from an amplifier?”

  1. EvelynThe ModifiedDog. says:

    Any basic speaker cable will do for that.

  2. El Conquistador says:

    You won’t need coax cable for that…Regular speaker wires that come with the speakers will work just fine… there is only one way the wires will fit on the speakers, since one tab is larger than the other… whatever wire that is goes to the corresponding label on the amp… very simple hookup.

  3. Robert says:

    Say 79 strand of 0.2 mm, 15 – 18 A rated.

  4. Master says:

    Regular old speaker wire. And sum female spade crimps for speaker.

  5. when hell is full the dead will walk the earth says:

    considering the amp is ONLY rated at 20w RMS and the speakers 70w RMS i would highly recommend buying an amp that has about 70w RMS output, that way you are guaranteed good quality sound and the speakers wont distort, fart or burp when you turn up the volume,,

    the RMS is the true wattage of any speaker or amp NOT the max wattage or PMPO which is stated on the amp

    save your money and buy a proper amp instead of that crap, and any headunit that is available today has got more power than that amp

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